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Solar Geyser Installation

Solar geyser installation is the ultimate green solution when it comes to a hot shower. The carbon footprint is limited to the geyser unit itself, and many of these geysers are made from recycled materials using sustainable practices. As any solar geyser installation plumber would tell you, there are very little maintenance or running costs involved in having a solar geyser.

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How Does It Work? Solar geysers exclusively use sunlight to heat water for your home use. Here, the geyser has a series of pipes (usually black) lined on a flat surface and exposed to the sun. These pipes are heated by the sun, as water passes through them, the heat from the pipes are conducted to the water. This hot water is then stored in a reservoir until you open your hot water tap.

Solar Geyser Installation Near Me

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Positioning of solar geysers. It is essential to position your solar geyser such that it gets the maximum amount of sunlight every day. This is usually on your roof, at an angle that faces the sun optimally. If you have a tree or large building casting shade over your roof, you would need to find a different position for your solar geyser.

Timing – Solar geysers are at their hottest in the late afternoon, when they’ve had time to soak up the maximum amount of heat from the sun. These geysers will cool down overnight, especially in cold, windy weather. If you experience a few consecutive overcast or rainy days, you might not have hot water available from your solar geyser.

If your family prefers hot showers in the morning rather than the evenings, a solar geyser installation might not suit your needs. Here, you can always combine it with a gas geyser installation.

Installing a geyser blanket on your solar geyser’s reservoir will minimize the heat loss, ensuring that you have hot water available for longer.

Maintenance – There is not much mechanical maintenance on a solar geyser. If your area has lots of birds or is very dusty, you might have to hose down your solar geyser’s pipes once in a while. This will remove any bird droppings and built-up dust, ensuring that your geyser functions optimally.

Limited Water Supply – If you have a large family or use much hot water, you might want to install more than one solar geyser to meet the demand adequately. The practicality of this would depend on the space you have available for installation. These geysers tend to require far more real estate than their gas or electrical counterparts. Our team will help you figure out whether you have adequate space available for this.

If you want to work with solar geyser installation professionals, then please give John’s Plumbing Services a call today.

Please also give us a call if you are considering water meter installation.

Best Solar Geyser Installation in Midrand