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A blocked drain is no fun and can be a real head ache. Blocked drains can be a messy business that usually occurs at the most inopportune times, like when you get home after a terrible day at work.

As a team of experienced blocked drain plumbing experts in Midrand, we understand the inconvenience and the urgency of the situation. Call us. We’ll be at your side assessing the job before you finished typing blocked drain Midrand into your phone.

What Causes A Blocked Drain? Drains are blocked due to a variety of reasons. In our experience, the most common cause is tree roots. Trees thirst for water, and they don’t care if that water is clean or dirty. Some tree roots even act as filters for the nasties in the water. Tree roots will bore through drains pipes, especially at the joint in the pipeline, to get to the water. Once inside, they form a network of smaller roots that fan out to suck up as much water as possible. Unfortunately, this network of roots cause a blocked drain.

Here, the roots could physically block the pipe, or objects flushed down the drain could get caught on the roots, creating a plug.

The second most common cause for blocked drains are foreign objects flushed down the toilet. This is pretty gross. Usually, we find that toddlers very helpfully flush the cleaning rag or some toys down the drain. This is an unfortunate part of growing up. Another culprit is sanitary products flushed down the drain. With a bit of enlightenment, your family and visitors won’t do this again.

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How to Fix a Blocked Drain – With experience and the right tools, fixing a blocked drain could be a reasonably simple job. Usually, a special metal rod with a spiral end fitting is pushed down the offending drain pipe. Once it is firmly in contact with the blockage, the rod get wound up by twisting a handle at the clean end. In this manner, the spiral end fitting is lodged into the blockage, after which it can be pulled out. This process is repeated a few times.

If this doesn’t work, excavation may be necessary. This is more labor intensive and far more time consuming than the first option. Often, sewerage pipe is damaged as a result and may have to be replaced.

Get the professional blocked drain plumbers to help you. We have the right tools for the job, and we know what we’re doing. We do it right off the bat, ensuring that you don’t have to call us out again.

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