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Gas Geyser Installation

Have you ever considered a gas geyser installation for your home? Electricity costs have skyrocketed, and load shedding has made your traditional electrical geyser unreliable. If you have a gas geyser installation done by a reputable, experienced gas geyser plumber, your hot water woes are at an end.

Gas geysers offer reliable hot water, around the clock, regardless of the state of our national power grid. Here, you only pay for installation and gas refills, which are not that often and also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

For the experts in gas geysers in the Midrand and surrounding areas, call John’s Plumbing Services in Midrand. We will advise you on the practicalities surrounding installation and maintenance, and we will also give you an estimate of the running costs for your new gas geyser installation. Spoiler alert: the prices are low, entailing only gas refills. If you use your system smartly, these refills will be few and far between.

If you can’t decide between a solar or gas geyser, we will help you narrow things down.

Gas geysers are most suited for high-demand homes. We all know the feeling of being last in line for the shower, only to get hit with cold water when you open the hot water tap. This is terrible, especially in the middle of winter. When functioning correctly, gas geysers never “run out” of hot water. As long as the gas canister has adequate supply, your entire extended family can count on having a good, hot shower. You might have a hefty water bill if they all take their time, however.

Gas Geyser Installation Near Me

If you are looking for gas geyser installation near me online, then make sure to give John’s Plumbing Services a call today. We are the gas geyser installation near me solution in Midrand and surrounding areas.

If you live in an area that doesn’t get reliable solar radiation (direct sunlight) to keep a solar geyser warm, a gas geyser is your best option if you want to be off-grid. You can have a hot shower any time of the night or day. Many people opt for a combination of these two, since you will have the best of both worlds. Here, you get a hot solar shower in the early evenings and hot gas shower in the early mornings when the solar geyser is cold.

How Does It Work?

Gas geysers differ from other types of geysers in that it doesn’t have a reservoir. Instead, water flows through a pipe that runs over a flame. When there is an adequate change in water pressure, the geyser switches on by igniting a gas flame; this happens when you open the hot water tap quickly and thoroughly. You can always close it a bit later on. When you close the valve completely, the flame is turned off again. This means that you only use gas when the hot water tap is actually in use. But don’t worry about the technicalities. John’s Plumbing Services has got your back.

Water Pressure – One thing you should consider carefully is water pressure. If your shower fitting is highly water-efficient, it will throttle the flow of water to your shower. This, in turn, may dampen the effect on the sensor, preventing the gas geyser from switching on in the first place. We will advise you on the best fittings to use with your new gas geyser installation.

We can help you with quality gas geyser installation. If you are looking for a plumber near you in the Midrand area, please do give John’s Plumbing Services a call.

For all normal geyser installation requirements, please visit our geyser installation page.

Best Gas Geyser Installation in Midrand