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John’s Plumbing Services offer exceptional plumbing services in Midrand and surrounding areas. Our plumbers are experienced, friendly and knows how to solve all plumbing problems. If you want to work with excellent plumbers in Midrand, give John’s Plumbing Services a call today.

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Our clients are our nr 1 priority. If you have a plumbing issue, our exceptional plumbing team will assist you quickly.

We understand that plumbing problems are stressful and irritating. You just want to get the plumbing issue fixed as soon as possible at the best possible price. That’s exactly what John’s Plumbing Services offer you. Fast and professional plumbing services at fair prices. What are you waiting for? Call us today.

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Blocked Drains

Affordable and Fast blocked drain solutions in Midrand. Call John’s Plumbing Services.


Geyser Installation

Best geyser installation services in Midrand and surrounding areas. Call Us.


Emergency Plumbers

Do you need emergency plumbers quickly? We are ready to assist you.


Leak Detection

Accurate leak detection services in Midrand. We will find and fix your leak.


Geyser Repair

Fast geyser repair plumbing team in Midrand. Let’s fix your geyser. 


Local Plumbers

Excellent local plumbing team. We service Midrand and surrounding areas.


Water Meters

We offer water meter installation services. Call John’s Plumbing Services.


Water Tanks

Water tank installation services for all your rainwater harvesting needs.

Why Choose Us

There are many plumbing companies who you can choose from. So why do we believe you should choose John’s Plumbing Services? Below is a few reasons to consider us.

Experienced Plumbers

Our plumbers are experienced tradesmen who successfully solved many plumbing problems over the years.

Save Time

We keep to time tables. We show up for appointments and we want to get the job done a.s.a.p. so you can get on with your life.

Plumbing Quality

We use the best plumbing materials and our workmanship is top notch. You can be assured of great plumbers when you use us.

Fair Plumbing Quotes

Our plumbing quotes are very competitive. We want to ensure that you get value for money and that you will use our services again.

Plumbing Professionals

John's Plumbing Services believe in professionalism. Our plumbers are trained and will deal with your issue in a professional way.

Plumbing Guarantee

We guarantee our services. If we did something wrong, we will come and replace it. Please check with us our guarantee options.

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Plumbers Midrand

John’s Plumbing Services is the preferred plumbers in Midrand and surrounding areas.

When the pawpaw hits the fan (you know, proverbially), you need the best of the best to help you out in two ticks. That’s when you Google plumbers near me and get the best plumber in Midrand and surrounds. We know our stuff, and we know how to sort out your water and plumbing. Our team of plumbing experts handle clogged drains, geyser repairs, leaky pipes, and any other plumber emergencies with ease. We also do new installations, replacements, and renovations. We help you find the best option for your situation, every time.

When you call us, you can count on

  • Lightning-fast response time
  • Fair, competitive plumbing quotes
  • High-quality artistry
  • Honest, expert plumbing advice
  • No comebacks – we do it right the first time

So, when you wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of water gushing from your ceiling, don’t waste time. Call the expert plumbers in Midrand. We’ll race right to your place, assess the situation, and provide you our expert advice on your home plumbing needs. Once you’ve chosen the services that best suits your needs and your pocket, we will get to work. As the best plumbers in Midrand, we know what we’re doing, and we’ll take care to do it right from the get-go. You won’t experience any problems with our plumbing work. We care about our reputation, and we don’t have comebacks. Just look at our favorable reviews. We will use the highest quality materials for your home plumbing, installed properly with the right tools for the service.

Plumber Midrand

When you need a Midrand plumber to advise you on remodelling your bathroom, give us a call. We’ve done it all and will work with you to make your vision a reality. We know which fittings and valves are water-wise, while offering you the most luxurious bath or shower experience. We also know what to steer clear of. You won’t make poor plumbing choices on our watch.

Our expert team of plumbers in Midrand knows geyser installation and geyser repair too. If you’re wondering what the difference is between horizontal and vertical geysers, ask us! We will advise you regarding the best choice for your home plumbing needs. We are also expert in solar and gas geyser installations. Don’t get your uncle’s cousin’s friend to do it. Call our expert Midrand plumbers to do the job. We will sort out your home plumbing problems in two ticks with high-quality plumbing equipment and excellent craft.

Our plumber Midrand team is ready and up to date with the latest industry best-practices. That way, we ensure that our customers are always satisfied and that we don’t get comebacks on our plumbing services.

If you need plumbing services in Midrand in a hurry, give us a call. You know, when you walk into your backyard after work, only to see nasty flooding all over your grass. We’re not talking about a water feature (although we can install those too). We mean the stuff that comes out of your drain. Gross. Call the best plumber in Midrand to come sort out your blocked drain problem. We work with care, quickly and efficiently, and we won’t damage your sewerage system in the process.

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Plumbing Companies Midrand

If you are looking for plumbing companies Midrand online, then make sure to give John’s Plumbing Services a call today. We are the plumbing companies Midrand solution in Midrand and surrounding areas.

If you get the wrong people to sort out your plumbing needs, you will end up with more trouble than it’s worth. If you take the guy on the corner (the one with the “good plumbing services” sign) to sort things out, he probably won’t have the right equipment for the installation. 

So, instead of getting the amateurs, get the expert plumbers in Midrand to sort out your plumbing needs. We know our pipes and equipment, and we won’t let you down.

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