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When you need a new geyser installation in the Midrand area, call the best geyser installation plumber in the business. John’s Plumbing Services will sort you out in two ticks. Our team of geyser installation experts won’t let you have analysis paralysis, feeling overwhelmed with all the options available to you. We will assess your situation and work with you to determine your specific needs. Following this, we will offer you expert advice on the options available, explaining the pros, cons and financial implications of each option.

With all of this on the table, we will work with you to find the geyser installation solution that works best for your property. You can rest assured that we won’t take shortcuts or install sub-standard equipment in your home. We value our reputation as the best geyser installation plumbers in Midrand and surrounds, so, like our leak detection services, we make sure that our work is always of the highest quality.

Through the years, we have heard many myths on geyser installation and management. Here are some essential geyser-related facts.

Switching Your Geyser On and Off Will Affect the National Power Grid. When you switch your geyser off during the day, you don’t use any electricity to heat the water during that time. The water inside your geyser cools down, though, so when you switch it back on, you will use electricity to reheat the water again. The power saved during the time that the geyser was switched off, is roughly equal to the electricity used to heat it back up again. This means that the net effect on your electricity bill is neutral.

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Where this does make a difference, is on the national power grid. If everyone switches off their geysers during peak times, the power needed to heat the water will be used outside of peak times, considerably alleviated the strain on the grid during those times. When you take into account that the geyser and oven are the two appliances that consume the most electricity in your home, this makes a massive difference.

When you leave your home for extended periods, it is essential to switch your geyser off. If you don’t, it will continue using electricity to keep the water at the desired temperature. Since no one is there to use the hot water, this is a waste of energy and money.

Your Geyser Won’t Suffer Damage When You Switch it On and Off. Geysers crack and burst when they run empty or when they are old and should be replaced. The water temperature does not affect the structural integrity of your geyser, so switching it on and off will not change that.

Geyser Blankets Save Power. Geyser blankets insulate your geyser, diminishing the amount of heat loss to the atmosphere. Since the water inside the geyser is kept warm more efficiently, you need less power to keep the water at the desired temperature.

The myth that geyser blankets are a fire hazard has also done the rounds. If you purchase your geyser blanket from a reputable supplier, this is not true. These blankets are manufactured from high-quality, fire-resistant insulation material. Since the thermostat in your geyser controls the water temperature, the geyser also won’t overheat when you add a geyser blanket.

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We also offer geyser repair services if your geyser can be salvaged.

Affordable Geyser Installation Services