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John’s Plumbing Services in Midrand offer accurate and reliable leak detection services. Our leak detection team will find and fix your leak fast.

Everything was going fine. Then, you get your water bill in the mail and notice that it’s very high. Abnormally, as much as R1000 more than what you’re used to. Surely, that can’t be right?

That’s when you type leak detection Midrand into your search engine and get the best leak detection plumber to find and fix the leak. Our team of leak detection experts have seen it all and know exactly how to find and repair plumbing leaks.

What Causes Leaks? Plumbing leaks are caused by a variety of factors, usually in combination with each other. One of the most common causes is high water pressure. Water running through pipes at high-pressure causes wear and tear on the pipe lining. If this continues for a prolonged time, the lining may eventually wear through, causing a leak.

Damage due to water pressure is especially true if air gets trapped in the pipes, as happens when the water supply to the property is shut down for a few hours. When water gushes through the pipes again, an effect known as “hammering” occurs. Here, the trapped air forms tiny bubbles that burst again the pipe lining with great force, damaging it in the process.

Sudden temperature changes, mainly associated with cold weather, can also damage or burst water pipes, causing leaks. This is most prevalent in areas where the water pipes freeze during the night, only to thaw again during the day. Lucky for us, Midrand generally doesn’t get that cold.

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Another cause for leaks in pipes is poor installation. If a team of amateurs installed your plumbing system, you might have this problem.

How Does Leak Detection Work? Leak detection varies in complexity, depending on the nature and location of the leak.

It’s easy to find a leaking pipe that’s on the surface and spurting a great fountain of water. When the leak is slow and buried under the ground or behind a layer of brick and tile, this becomes more complicated. In this case, we would first check for damp spots. If water builds up inside the wall or under the soil surface, you will most likely see signs of this and know where to dig.

When no damp spot is visible, we will search for temperature difference on the wall surface. If a hot water pipe is leaking, the leak will increase the temperature of the building material surrounding it. The inverse is usually valid for a cold water pipe.

If this still doesn’t pinpoint the leak, we will close all taps and the main water supply valve. Now, each of these will be opened one-by-one, while keeping an eye on the property’s water meter. Once we see a sudden increase in flow, it will probably indicate which pipe is at fault.

This is a time-consuming process best done by leak detection experts.

How to Repair Plumbing Leaks? The best way to repair plumbing leaks is to replace the leaking pipe. Unfortunately, this usually entails chipping a big gash into the wall to expose the entire length of pipe to be replaced. It’s a messy business that will have your entire home covered in concrete dust.

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